Politicians are quietly preparing for a digital dollar. It’s not good for your freedom!

Yeah I’m well aware, I’ve been a UX designer/researcher and software engineer for 20+ years. I’m intimately aware of why people choose to use various products and services over others.

Also saying iOS isn’t the better OS is subjective, end user adoption would indicate iOS is the better OS because it’s easier to use and has exponentially more users. We would also have to ask and quantify/qualify “better for what use cases?” But that’s an entirely different discussion.

The issue with a CBDC system is that it threatens ones ability to do that in the future. If CBDCs eventually replace the Fiat system then the government can choose to block you from being able to use that CBDC to buy other crypto with it. Or whatever they want. In the current model they can’t block me from using cash to buy whatever I want, because they largely don’t know I have it, or who I’m giving it to and for what.

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