If you ever needed proof that the online gaming community hates NFTs, just read the replies from this reddit thread about Square Enix.

Nobody likes the idea of paying more for consumer electronics. Video games and consoles are expensive enough as it is, and these “blockchain games” are pretty clearly an attempt to skim a bit more off every sale with micro transactions and loot box-style gambling mechanics. And gamers already vocally hate both those things.

Those gamers who are into crypto are already likely well-educated on projects they like and don’t like, and already have feelings one way or another. They likely are not looking to have even more crypto investments leveraged into game mechanics of outside hobbies they enjoy. Maybe some would be cool with it, but I doubt it would be a majority.

And gamers who don’t like or care about crypto are only going to be turned off by this. Lots of people view this shit as a scam or being too risky to want to even be involved with and having it force-fed through a video game would feel pretty oppressive and heavy-handed.

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