Do you think I'm qualified? I could really use your insight.

I thought I wasn’t gonna be good enough/qualified enough last April when I attended academy. You seem to be very well off. I had prior prison guard years behind me and had transferred to the sheriff department with only a corrections academy school behind me. The amount of dread and fear I went into academy with wondering how badass my other classmates was gonna be was overwhelming. However, when I got there and seen my class I was immediately relieved. Idk who or why people aren’t supportive on your end. But, if you want to be a LEO you should go. My biggest word of advice from my personal experience is whatever the physical requirements are try to double what you can do. I went in with being able to do the required amount easy. What I didn’t take into account was after a week of doin it what I could do was cut in half. It was a long 10 weeks. BEST OF LUCK!

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