[InsideF1] Ralf Schumacher: Seb and Charles gap is due to the car developments are tailored to Leclerc's strength and weakness. He is the man of the future at Ferrari. That's the big problem for Seb, He needs a different car than Leclerc. Anything that helps Charles doesn't help Seb.

1) Australia - Vettel finished 4th in the race whereas Leclerc finished 5th.. Leclerc committed a mistake in the first corner and in the final stint was having better tyres in comparision to Vettel, so was told to hold position in the race. Vettel Vs Leclerc - 1-0

2) Bahrain - Leclerc dominated Vettel, should've won the race, but finished 3rd and Vettel finished 5th. Vettel Vs Leclerc 1-1

3) China - Vettel finished 3rd while Leclerc finished 5th. Vettel was given the opportunity to pull out good laptimes after he was passed by Leclerc off the start since he was marginally the quicker driver. Overall, after the first stop Vettel looked the faster driver, while Leclerc managed 5th, given the bad strategy given to him and the disappearance of his pace in the last stint. Vettel Vs Leclerc 2-1

4) Baku - Leclerc crashed on his own in qualifying, and thus started from the back. Could only manage 5th while Vettel finished 3rd. Vettel Vs Leclerc 3-1

5) Spain - Vettel finished 4th while Leclerc finished 5th. In the first stint Leclerc was quicker, but in the second stint, Vettel was certainly faster than Leclerc. They took time to swap places, but Vettel couldn't do much afterwards.. Vettel Vs Leclerc 4-1

6) Monaco - Leclerc was knocked out of Q1, because of no fault of his own. Now like I said in one of my comments above, I don't take such scenarios in race head to head, given the fact that there is no certainty if Leclerc would do better than Vettel in qualifying in normal situation . Overall, Leclerc crashed in the race. Vettel Vs Leclerc 5-1

7) Canada - Vettel dominated Leclerc the whole weekend. Even with the penalty, finished ahead of him. Vettel Vs Leclerc 6-1

8) France - Vettel struggled and had an issue in the qualifying and was significantly slower than Leclerc. In the race he finished behind Leclerc. Vettel Vs Leclerc 6-2

9) Austria - Vettel was knocked out of Q3. In the race, Vettel had strong race pace, but still finished behind Leclerc. Vettel Vs Leclerc 6-3

10) Silverstone - Vettel crashed with Verstappen while running ahead of Leclerc on his own, and thus finished behind Leclerc. Vettel Vs Leclerc 6-4

11) Hockenheim - Leclerc crashed in the race, while Vettel came through the field to finish 2nd. Vettel Vs Leclerc 7-4

12) Hungary - Vettel passed Leclerc in the race to finish ahead of him, and in the podium. Vettel Vs Leclerc 8-4

13) Spa - Leclerc dominated Vettel the whole weekend and won the race. Vettel Vs Leclerc 8-5

14) Monza - Leclerc won the race, while Vettel spun off and had a disastrous race. Vettel Vs Leclerc 8-6

15) Singapore - Vettel won the race while Leclerc finished 2nd. Vettel had the undercut and had a monsterous outlap to jump Leclerc. He maintained the position and won the race. Vettel Vs Leclerc 9-6

16) Russia - Vettel was behind Leclerc after his 1st pitstop, before he had the car failure. Vettel Vs Leclerc 9-7

17) Japan - Vettel dominated Leclerc the whole weekend. Leclerc had an incident with Verstappen and only managed 6th, while Vettel finished 2nd. Vettel Vs Leclerc 10-7

18) Mexico - Vettel was better with the tyres and with a better strategy was able to finish 2nd. Leclerc could only manage 4th. Vettel Vs Leclerc 11-7

19) US - Vettel had a poor start and lost the place to Leclerc, and then had suspension failure. Since he was running behind Leclerc, Leclerc gets it. Vettel Vs Leclerc 11-8

20) Brazil - Vettel was again better than Leclerc in qualifying, and given Charles' penalty, he was dominated by Vettel in the race. He was holding off Bottas running 5th, and had to make a final pitstop. But Bottas'car failed and that gave Ferrari the opportunity to put Leclerc on new tyres under safety car. Vettel was unlucky, since he had already made his pitstop. Both had there battle and collided. I've not given this to anyone, since both were unlucky on there parts. Vettel Vs Leclerc 11-8

21) Abu Dhabi - Leclerc was significantly better than Vettel the whole weekend. Vettel Vs Leclerc 11-9

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