Japanon points out to western hypocrisy

I wasn't saying Egyptians are or were Black, just that there were black Egyptians. I guess that's why I'm getting so much flack. I guess I misunderstood the context of the initial debate.

Reading the comments again, I'm not sure I really understand it now, actually... Sub-saharan African culture is inferior to Western culture. Therefore blacks are inferior to whites (rebuttal to "I'll never understand the white mentality").

But blacks had at least one relatively advanced culture (Nubian/Ethiopian - take your pick) north of the Sahara yet "people exclude blackies when talking about Egypt", because "Egyptians weren't black" (even though there were blacks present in Egyptian society).

I think Europeans benefited greatly by being so close to the early original cultures of the ancient world. And late Medieval Europe benefited from Roman and Greek texts, but also from Arab texts and North African scholars.

Europeans were able to capitalize on those opportunities better than Sub-Saharan Africans, probably because the environment wasn't as harsh and they could store larger amounts of food. Europe has less regional climates and it's possible that the plants and animals of Europe were easier to domesticate than African ones.

There are a lot of potential reasons why Western Europe developed faster than the rest of the world that don't involve race. Saying that doesn't make me a tumblerina/SJW.

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