Joe Biden on Twitter: The relief bill passed by Congress was a good start, but now we need to: Forgive at least $10,000 of student loan debt per person, Provide emergency paid sick leave to everyone who needs it, Ensure no one has to pay for COVID-19 treatment or an eventual vaccine

Student loan debt forgiveness still doesn't make sense for these important service fields.

Doctors and nurses are extremely well paid. They don't need any kind of student debt relief. That's the entire point of taking out your loan - to get a well paying job that makes the loan worthwhile.

Why anyone would go to college to become a food service/grocery/retail worker, I don't know. Most people in these fields don't have college degrees. If you want to give these vulnerable industries some sort of special protection in a stimulus bill, that makes sense to me, but I don't see how student debt forgiveness makes any sense for these fields either.

This is an unpopular opinion, but teachers are often well paid for the amount of work they do. That being said, I do personally think there are some instances where they could be the focus of some sort of debt relief. As I understand, there have been and continue to be many efforts towards that goal. I don't think coronavirus related debt forgiveness is the right tool here, either.

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