JRE 2019 Year In Review

What bugs me about him isn’t necessarily his supposed wokeness, because I think he wasn’t the worst example of a wokescold I’ve ever seen. It’s this “Mr. Facts is here to tell it like it is” schtick, this sort of hyperlinker-in-chief who acts like just citing one study is enough to close the book on something.

Anytime something is controversial, there’s almost always more to it than just “people haven’t found my pet study on the internet that closes the book in the way I like.” And everytime you find a study that seems to clear things up, you have to acknowledge there could be another study out there that totally contradicts it, or one could pop up at any time.

Anytime someone reduces it to just “haha I found one study, that means I win” I just get annoyed, because science is way more complicated than that.

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