is it just me?

Amphetamine is a scary drug. It brings out weird addict behavior over time, you (potentially) slowly lose control and start justifying using more and more. It's super fucking tricky (if not impossible) to stay in complete control, if you think you're in complete control you're probably not in control at all.

I personally believe that self-control is nothing more than an illusion (to an extent). You are simply big sloshy skin bag full of water and shit, no different than anything else in the universe. You are subject to the laws of physics and are therefore a deterministic system, if given the same input you will return the same exact output invariably. When amphetamine is introduced to certain people under certain conditions they self-destruct more or less, and it's not because they lack self-control or are immoral or whatever, it's just what happens. The SAME EXACT behaviors can be observed in non-human animals as well, animal models of addiction are really cool!

Trying meth just one time has changed my life in ways I never could have imagined. It's hard to tell what the future holds.

I agree that the media exaggerates the dangers.

Baby sitter high on crystal meth eats infant

Is a perfect example of that. NO ONE EATS WHILE HIGH ON METH YO

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