*read the comments for a poem*

Shooting Up

Take a seat, grab a spoon,
Know you'll get well soon.
Fill it with tar or powder,
Now add a bit of water.

Stirring carefully,
Dissolving lumps steadily.
It has something magical
And is your favourite ritual.

Draw up into a fresh rig.
Find a vein, juicy and big.
Feel the tip slide into the vein,
you know snorting just feels lame.

A plume of blood,
It lets you know
Everything's good,
You're ready to go.

Take a breath and push down.
Get wrapped in a warm blanket,
Which lets you forget
All the troubles you own.

When the receptors are hit,
that rush is pure bliss,
the poppy's sweet kiss.
It has you nodding for a bit.

Than an abrupt wake up,
You stare at an EMT.
Oh fuck!
It was an OD.

Stay safe guys!

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