I just started The One Dollar Challenge to help anyone looking for that motivation to get going and start something new!

Expect this is an arbitrary milestone. Example: this week I was at a trade show and I came up with a brand extension that I think has legs. first milestone happened when I discussed the idea with colleagues and got very good feedback. Second milestone happened when I discussed with a current business partner about partnering to build out part of the idea and we started brainstorming on ideas. Third milestone happened the next morning when I bought the domain. 4th milestone happened when I started creating buzz at a trade show I was at, and the 5th milestone happened when I got verbal confirmation that folks I needed to pull it off were in, it gained buzz through out the show and became a meme, and I was able to make a public announcement in front of the entire conference and start building it out on monday.

This happened over a 3 day trade show. Motivation comes from within. It is HARD to build a business and much of it is just boring, doing the work, showing up, getting things done. If you aren't internally motivated, you'll never be able to maintain the daily grind of building a business and doing all the hard work.

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