I just want the vaccine

You keep saying that there could be a chance that we'll get a system that create evil power-hungry politicians

I say that this system has a great long term potential of being abused. Yes. Just because it's "working" in some countries or the fact that they haven't turned fully fascist yet doesn't change the fact that it can, and will eventually be abused one way or another.

But there's no examples of that in the modern world

What do you think is "modent world?" Germany was considered modern, before Hitler send them to war and turned it into ashes. There were reports of cannibalism. What makes you so sure that you position in the world as absolutely secure? Why do you think the modern world is immune of destruction, fascism and death?

And even if bite into that "modern world" point, you're still wrong. There are, in fact, many examples of very wealthy and "modern" countries limiting freedoms and having values a lot would considered oppressive or even authoritarian.

China is one. China is a pretty modern country. The average Chinese kid propably lives as well as you do. But are they free? I don't think I need to answer that question.


An addition to the Public Health Code was passed on 31 December 1970, which punishes the "positive presentation of drugs" and the "incitement to their consumption" with up to five years in prison and fines up to €76,000. Newspapers such as Libération, Charlie Hebdo and associations, political parties, and various publications criticizing the current drug laws and advocating drug reform in France have been repeatedly hit with heavy fines based on this law.


Insult is punishable under Section 185. Satire and similar forms of art enjoy more freedom but have to respect human dignity (Article 1 of the Basic law).

Disparagement of

the Federal President (Section 90).

the State and its Symbols (Section 90a).

Insult to Organs and Representatives of Foreign States (Section 103). (will no longer be valid as of 2018)

Organizations Dedicated to a Philosophy of Life if they could disturb public peace (Section 166

The prohibition of insult, which has been widely criticized, led to 26,757 court cases, 21,454 convictions and 20,390 fines in 2013 alone.[143] Politico has called Germany's hate speech laws "arguably the strictest anywhere in the Western world".[144] Laws which have led to censorship or chilling effects online include NetzDG and a type of ancillary copyright for press publishers which is a model for a pan-EU taxation proposal as of 2018.[145] Outdoor assemblies must be registered beforehand.[146]:24 Individuals and groups may be banned from assembling, especially those whose fundamental rights have been revoked and banned political parties.[146]:23 The Love Parade decision (1 BvQ 28/01 and 1 BvQ 30/01 of 12 July 2001) determined that for an assembly to be protected it must comply with the concept of a constituent assembly, or the so-called narrow concept of assembly whereby the participants in the assembly must pursue a common purpose that is in the common interest.[146]:23


The 14th article of the Greek Constitution guarantees the freedom of speech, of expression and of the press for all but with certain restrictions or exceptions; for example although it generally forbids any preemptive or after the fact censorship, it allows public prosecutors (Greek: εισαγγελείς) to order a confiscation of press (or other) publications (after having been published, not before) when the latter:[147][148]

14.3.a: insult Christianity or any other known (Greek: γνωστή) religion,

14.3.b: insult the President of Greece,

14.3.d: clearly (Greek: ολοφάνερα) offend public decency, in the cases defined by Greek Law (Greek: στις περιπτώσεις που ορίζει ο νόμος


Section 269 - Incitement against a communityA person who incites to hatred before the general public againsta) the Hungarian nation,b) any national, ethnic, racial group or certain groups of the population,shall be punishable for a felony offense with imprisonment up to three years. This list has been updated to include: "people with disabilities, various sexual identity and sexual orientation", effective from July 2013.[citation needed] It is also illegal under Section 269/C of the penal code and punishable with three years of imprisonment, to publicly "deny, question, mark as insignificant, attempt to justify the genocides carried out by the National Socialist and Communist regimes, as well as the facts of other crimes against humanity."[150]


Freedom of speech is protected by Article 40.6.1 of the Irish constitution. However the article qualifies this right, providing that it may not be used to undermine "public order or morality or the authority of the State". 


The Article also gives restrictions against those acts considered offensive by public morality, as stated in Paragraph 6: Publications, performances, and other exhibits offensive to public morality shall be prohibited. Measures of preventive and repressive measure against such violations shall be established by law. Such restrictions are enforced through the Italian Penal Code which, for example, includes articles that prohibit:

insults against the honor and prestige of the President (Art. 278),

vilification of a person's religion (Art. 403),

insults against the honor and decorum of others (Art. 594) (repealed as of 2016), and

defamation of another person (Art. 595).


Blasphemy against the Roman Catholic church was illegal in Malta.[154] However, the law was repealed in 2016.


On 18 July 2003, about 30 human rights activists were temporarily detained by the police, allegedly for insulting Vladimir Putin, a visiting head of state. The activists were released after about 30 hours and only one was actually charged with insulting a foreign head of state.[160] A law forbidding anyone from blaming the state of Poland for Holocaust atrocities during World War II was voted by lawmakers on January 26, 2018.[161] Following passage of the law the nationalist government normalized hate speech and censored fact-based investigations.[162] In 2019, Polish authorities arrested an LGBT activist. They charged her with blasphemy for hanging posters of the Virgin Mary beside baby Jesus with a rainbow-coloured halo.[163] Also in 2019, a 1973 art video exhibit of a woman eating a banana was removed on "moral grounds" which prompted protests against the act of censorship.[164] Insulting a monument is a crime in Poland, punishable by a fine or restriction of liberty. The crime does not require physical damage to the monument; a separate article criminalizes vandalism.[165


Article 578 of the Penal Code of Spain prohibits the "Glorification or justification, by any means of public expression or dissemination, of the crimes included in Articles 571-577 of this Code or of those who participated in its execution, or performance of acts involving disrepute, contempt or humiliation of the victims of terrorist offenses or their families[...]".[166] In January 2014, a judge of the Audiencia Nacional banned a planned march in Bilbao in support of jailed members of the Basque terrorist group ETA that was organized by the group Tantaz Tanta ("Drop for drop" in Basque) on the basis that he considered the group to be the successor to Herrira, whose activities had been banned because of its suspected links to jailed ETA militants.[167][168][169] In February 2014, a Twitter user was convicted for expressing praise for the terrorist group GRAPO inactive since 90s but not yet formally self-dissolved.[170][

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