Just watched Tosca. This is it, I’ve found my opera.

Of all the Puccinis, I love Turandot the most.
It feels like his most "mature" creation (I think it is to his other beautiful pieces like the 6th symphony is to swan-lake for Tchaikovsky, where it may be not as lyric and popular, it is a far more mature piece, with which he soars over the romantics and approaches the classics). I like the way he inserts the chinese harmonies into the melody, making them sound familiar (even to the european ear) and haunting.
It demands a great tenor.
As for the libretto: it is full of humor and tragedy combined, and what I liked most are the riddles: they are written in such a way that only a man in love with her could answer them, only if he feels the hope soaring in the night, the blood boiling in his veins, a fire at her icy touch... It is a well written fairytale, and I never could get enough of it.

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