Late Night Random Discussion Thread - October 11, 2020 at 09:00PM

Dude, atleast ask. FYI in college undergrad I worked in ESA for sometime and some of them had experience of over 40 years. I have extensive industry experience and I am specifically talking about researchers, not the intelligent one's but a lot of others, who say in "10 years" if this doesn't happen that will "happen". We don't know right if we have already fucked the system, may be the change is not reversible and we are already doomed. You're talking out of you're ass right now. This have been my area of expertise, and I would humbly you ask to back down. If you want may be I can provide you "email id's" of some researchers ( with experience > 30 years ) if you want that ?

You're out of ass, I don't think you've ever published a single paper in complexity. You've your alumini network right ? Go ask a scientist if he can claim a number and get back to me, the most of the brilliant one's I have known / follow won't.

I am slightly tired of this, so let's just agree to disagree

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