Kenyan Schoolboys Save Girls from Rape

Of course its true that someone is required to. But equating feeling like a woman should give you something in return or show some devotion/lovewith rape is an illogical stance. None of these questions actually mean they have raped someone, they only suggest a contextual mindset that could potentially lead to a rape.

In a perfect world nobody would feel like someone owed them, especially when it comes to another's body. If you do everything you can to make this woman feel special, spending a lot of money on her and making her happy, wouldn't you be annoyed if she just walked away and never contacted you again? That would seem like she used you for her personal gain, she never gave you anything, which equates to feeling like she owes you. Now most guys on a date think about sex, some sex really only want the sex, and i guess that is how you end with feeling like the only favour this woman could return is sex, which is absolutely a very unhealthy stance to take. But I would think that anyone, regardless of gender, who goes out of their way to prove their devotion and wealth, pampering their date with luxury, would expect something in return.

Yes it is gender biased but that is because more women are raped than men. Are men raped?

This wasn't really the purpose of what I was discussing, but i think it is a fallacy to suggest bias is necessary because more women are raped. In fact that seems like a vicious cycle, because the very thing i said was that no-one considers it rape if men have sex while drunk. For you to argue that rape is primarily a woman's issue must at least raise some alarm bells there, you can look through the rape statistics like the commonly cited CDC reports, if a man had sex with a woman without her consent it was rape, but if a woman had sex with a man without his consent it wasn't rape because the "penis" wasn't considered rape-able. This feeds into a vicious loop, everybody is very eager to support women as rape victims, but because of societal norms nobody supports a male victim and most males wouldn't consider themselves victims, so therefore everybody assumes victims are females, which goes back to reinforce this gender bias.

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