[KH3][MAJOR SPOILERS] So many posts about rewriting most of the story, I would only change one thing.

It's metaphoric. When you find your true love, you lose everything else in the sight of their beauty. It consumes you and transforms you and where you end up is truly beyond anything you have ever known. To express or show it would be to take away from its incomprehensible nature.

KH1 you fought darkness to find yourself only to realize you had everything you ever needed in your friends, who now get lost from you as you find yourself

KH2 you find those friends and everything is restored

KH3 time passes as life typically tends to have happen and things just get crazy. things change. elevate. get too complicated. and it causes you to lose those very friends you fought to find. and then you realize that's just it -- who you are is your friends, and vice versa. it's one energy. when one of you is suffering, you suffer. this is why it's so hard to be happy when even one person, like someone like Aqua, is missing. you are missing knowing they are missing -- it hurts you and consume you. the same way love did. and then it consumes everyone. and using the same techniques you've honed through it all, you manage to pull through.

but you lose the one you love. so many loves die no matter what you do to prevent them. and you decide no, im not going to let it happen. not this time. and you give up everything to find your love. this time, forever.

would there have been anythin else you could have wanted from the ending?

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