Kobe: Even when he's unselfish, he's selfish.

Totally agree.

Im a huge laker fan and kobe supporter, but you can deny kobe is selfish.

Scoring is his thing, as well as winning.

I think at this point in his career, his legacy is such that he can't accept being a decoy, especially on a team like this.

Hear me out.

Kobe has no problems passing the ball. He enjoys it. However, a pass to the open man better be converted into a basket or he's gonna take the shot next time. A pass the leads to an assist is ok, but an assist is even better. I'm not saying he plays for stats. Not at all. But he has the be the focus. The man that sets up the play or the one that finishes it.

Also, these guys are so below him, in skill and probably preparation, that he doesn't understand why he's getting criticized. It's all possible to him, whether by natural skill or hard work. Wes Johnson not making good decisions? Better watch more tape. Jeremy Lin is inconsistent? Better put up more shots after practice. Nick young is challenging kobe? Better put him in his place. It's not disrespect, but just a lack of understanding. Kobe is so much the alpha dog and has been most of his career that he can't understand why people don't see from his view. He needs to be the tip of the spear or the man throwing it.

That's the meta part.

Kobe had said many many times, he's a scorer. He'll shoot. He'll score. He'll drop 81, or go 6/24 in the finals and 11/16 at the line. He's told Antawn Jamison players need to reprimand him for not making the basketball play. He's told reporters scoring 15ppg and being the "last piece" to a championship team is not his thing. He's told deron Williams you don't stop shooting at 0/9.

Bottom line, kobe needs to be the center of the team. He needs to be option 1. Not just in scoring but in the offense. That's why it's hard to pair him with a pg, and hard to find a superstar that'll be 2nd in line. He's never taken what the game gives him. Rather, he's always imposed his will on the game and dictated the flow. Unfortunately, he's not as effective at it this year.

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