The last four years of your life become a SoL. How interesting is your anime?

season 2 has finally arrived and with it the dawn of a new arc. the prison arc was a time of learning for MC-kun for he was finally sober for the first time in 3 years. he began to reconsider his life and think about his actions and consequences.

MC-kun met many people in jail. both good and bad and from many generic anime tropes. Donny, was the kind old man who had been in and out of jail many times for various offenses. he had 7 different kids from 4 different mothers. but he was a kind man, and took on the role of mentor to MC-kun. he gave him food and played card games and told stories. no other person was as important as donny-sensei was. MC-kun experienced many things in jail. getting beat up by prison guards, meeting people from the depths of society, learning to take a shit in front of everyone, and even getting into a fight. this arc, is one of thought and understanding. and yes, of deep shame.

The 4 episode prison arc ends with MC-kuns release back into the world. there, he was met with no job, no money, and no friends. he became a complete NEET Hikikimori. This is where He discovered his savior. the one thing that stopped him from relapsing and possibly ruining his life even more. yes. without Anime, MC-kun would surely have fallen back into the depths of despair.

but with the help of anime he didnt fall. like buddhas silk string lowered into the depths of hell, he grabbed on to it and swore to never let go. he rose, like a pheonix from the ashes of misery and took a hold of his life. over the next year and half, MC-kun went to all court mandated functions, got 3 jobs, paid off all of his fines and tickets, met new people and bought a car.

and finally we end the series with MC-kun where he is today. going to school to complete his major, working a managerial position, saving up money and above all, living a happy and fulfilling life. and none of it wouldnt have been possible without determination, perseverance, and anime.

cue credits.

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