/r/anime Karma Ranking & Discussion | Week 10 [Winter 2023]

DanMachi closed out its season with a bang as its 2378 Karma was not only its highest Karma Total of the season but also its highest karma total since its much anticipated Season 2 Premier got 2779 Karma back in Summer 2019. And yes, DanMachi really was big enough back in Summer 2019 to beat Demon Slayer. But a combination of bad pacing and poor adaptations caused opinions to fall to the point where DanMachi's Season 4 Premier last Summer got just 1353 Karma

People had come to think of it as a fun, fan-servicy (trashy) series with some cool fights sprinkled in but nothing to write home about. But DanMachi came back with a vengeance in Season 4 Part 1, finally showing off the quality that had allowed its source material to be significantly higher rated than even its well-regarded Season 1 adaptation. When all was said and done last Summer, DanMachi beat its 1353 Premier Karma Total 4 times in becoming just the 6th sequel ever to average more Karma than its premier. But that was just the appetizer.

Season 4 Part 2 sky-rocketed past even Part 1's feats in premiering with 1637 Karma and then surpassing it with 4 straight incredible episodes to close out the season, not only joining Part 1 in becoming the 7th sequel to average more Karma than its premier (1637) but also becoming just the 5th sequel to surpass its premier in 4 straight episodes.

Anime Season Ep 1 Karma Streak Above Premier Episodes Karma Average
DanMachi 4P2 Winter 2023 1637 4 8 to 11 2059
Demon Slayer 2 Fall 2021 5828 6 6 to 11 9698
Fruits Basket 3 Spring 2021 1940 4 10 to 13 2627
Attack on Titan 4P1 Fall 2020 20332 4 5 to 8 22978
Overlord 2 Winter 2018 1787 5 9 to 13 2222

And its ascendance wasn't limited to just r/anime. On MAL its past 5 weeks have looked like the following:

Episode MAL Rating Diff
7 8.04 N/A
8 8.06 0.02
9 8.12 0.06
10 8.18 0.06
11 8.27 0.09

The back-to-back .06 jumps from episodes 9 and 10 alone make up a higher rating jump than most anime get all season.

TLDR: DanMachi absolutely killed it this season, revitalizing the series. I would highly recommend for anyone who was previously put off by the "Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon Name" to give it a try as Season 4 alone should make it worth your watch.

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