Why is simplicity seen as such a bad thing in regards to the quality of an anime?

Let me guess OP. You really enjoyed demon slayer and you're wondering why so many people in the anime community either hate it or are indifferent to it.

The thing is, the more invested you are into a hobby (whether anime, music, movies, etc.) the more "refined" and obscure your taste becomes. If you go to r/music you will see that they're not talking about the billboard top 40 hits. If you go to /r/hiphopheads, probably 90% of the artists they talk about are artists you've never heard of (at least for me). Same goes with anime. There's nothing wrong with demon slayer per se. It follows a formula and it follows that formula pretty damn well. The problem is if you've been watching anime for a while then you've seen this formula many times (probably too many).

I personally don't want to see another generic shonen action anime where you have a squeaky clean protagonist in a 3 man band fighting the monster of the week (or season), getting an asspull powerup in the most convenient moment (because of the power of friendship or some shit) to beat the big bad at the end of the season. Then next season, rinse and repeat but now with a stronger monster and an even more ridiculous ass pull power up for the protagonist.

That being said, just because I don't enjoy this stuff any more doesn't mean that others can't enjoy them either. I don't like the elitism and gatekeeping that comes with any fandom. I personally think that demon slayer has brought a lot of casual and new fans into anime and that's a good thing.

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