Is anime going downhill?

I'm not saying you only watch battle shounen, but all you list here is battle shounen. All the "good anime" you point to are battle shounen. It sounds like you just want more battle shounen.

While its true that i listed shounen, but i have also watched great non battling animes, like hori san to miyamura san, kaguya sama love is war, detective Conan, steins gate and other animes, but i didn't think about those because my favourite genres is shounen battle and when i thought about the best this is the first that came to mind, but I'll try and watch more, i might have missed something, any recommendations?

And battle shounen is just filled with teenagers getting some kind of power and having some grand quest to dedicate themselves towards. Is either of our descriptions true of everything? No of course not. You can trivially find battle shounen that don't fit what I said, and you can trivially find isekai that don't fit what you said. If every isekai you watch is the same old thing, that's on you.

I know that, but i meant the plot and storytelling and other factors, i feel like it can be so much better than it is now

Anime lengths haven't appreciably changed since 2013. If anything, the last 3-5 years has seen an increase in tendencies towards continuing series with sequel seasons. Fan service is the same deal, there's not really much more or less today than a decade ago.

That's new information for me, i think it was because i started watching at 2013 and had a lot of animes that i didn't notice, thanks for the info

Why? Why can't a great anime just be a really funny one, or something with a great vibe, or something insightful, something that's fairly typical but well written, or anything else? If you try to put a box on what is good art, you're only limiting your own experiences.

I didn't say that, 1 a unique story (you can ignore that if your thinking about comedy or those things) 2 a good written story (a story that feels real and just a bunch of words put together, you can't make a funny moment without the required context and preparation, and same for insightful) 3 a good production (I don't think i need to explain that)

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