Lazy Drivers

So the problem is that you are looking at $2 on 10 as a 20% tip. That is PERFECTLY acceptable in a sit down. The problem is delivery economics in this gig world.

1) Lets say it is a 15 minute drive and you are a "dead head" location (term from railroad days - it means that the driver can't wait in your neighborhood since there are not eateries there but has to return. So 30 minutes of 1/2 of an hour.

2) Lets assume that it is 7.5 miles to get to your place or 15 miles there and back. In a car that is 30 MPG that is 1/2 gallon of gas.

So essentially your tip covered the gas. DD is likely to pay 4.50 for dasher pay. Or $9 an hour which is well under minimum wage.

This excersise in math helps illustrate WHY fastfood companies have never delivered....the economics just suck for that low $$ value of order. Really you would need to be tiping $5 to $7 to make it worth the dashers time. And rightly so you are reluctant to pay more in tip and delivery charge than the cost of your food even though it is an extreme luxury to have a 10 fast food order delivered to your doord.

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