Looked up "Who disliked my video" Was not disappointed.

☐ This ☐ Came here to say this ☐ Logged in just to upvote this ☐ I know this will never be seen but... ☐ I found this gem... ☐ This will be downvoted to hell/buried but... ☐ An upvote for you, good sir ☐ You are a gentleman and a scholar ☐ You magnificent bastard ☐ Someone give this man reddit gold ☐ Edit: Thanks for the gold, kind stranger! ☐ Anne Frankly I did nazi that coming ☐ That escalated quickly ☐ To the top with you! ☐ Lost it at ____ ☐ This is why we can't have nice things ☐ Faith in humanity restored ☐ Whoa / mind = blown ☐ Manly tears were shed ☐ Cutting onions ☐ I know that feel, bro ☐ Right in the feels ☐ Risky click ☐ Shots fired ☐ Nailed it ☐ You. I like you ☐ I regret that I only have one upvote to give ☐ Tree fiddy ☑ Was not disappointed ☐ Wait, why do I have you tagged as ____? ☐ What did I just read? ☐ Da fuq? ☐ YOU HAD ONE JOB ☐ I can't fap to this ☐ Cakeday ☐ What are you doing, stahp ☐ For science ☐ That's enough internet for me today ☐ Would not bang ☐ x/10 would (not) Y ☐ What is this I don't even? ☐ How is this WTF? ☐ Circlejerk must be leaking ☐ Lawyer up, delete facebook, hit the gym ☐ Said no one ever ☐ I have the weirdest boner right now ☐ /thread ☐ My first post ☐ Edit: wow I can't believe my top comment is about ____ ☐ EDIT: Seriously front page? Thanks guys! ☐ EDIT: Obligatory front page edit!!! ☐ Are you me? ☐ Directions unclear - dick stuck in _______ ☐ I laughed way harder than I should have ☐ It's almost like Reddit is thousands of different people with thousands of different opinions. ☐ Step one: be attractive. Step two: don't be unattractive. ☐ Broken Arms - Mom jerked him off ☐ Plot twist: _____ ☐ Something involving sex with "your mom" ☐ Mom's spaghetti ☐ ____ here: can confirm / can confirm: am ____/ etc

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