Lovin' my shiny new 2016 T800H

For those thinking "That's a W900, isn't it?" there are actually three variants of the T800:

  • T800 standard sloped hood
  • T800W with a wide sloped hood
  • T800H with a high hood

The W900 also has a couple of variants:

  • W900L is the long hood included in the game by default
  • W900B is the short hood

The T800H and the W900B look nearly identical. The only thing that visually sets them apart is the set-back axle on the T800 (All variants), compared to the set-forward axle on the W900 (all variants). The front axle is about 6 inches back, closer to the cabin on the T800 trucks compared to the W900. Normally it's a lot more obvious, but I have a flush bumper installed so it really is hard to tell at a glance.

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