What photograph isn't really that spectacular, but with the backstory/context it says a whole lot more?

ahhh you've got me, I'm gonna have to give it a watch.

I think the most harrowing part of the wiki is the part about the suicide attempt of the man who reported Fred multiple times but failed to get him arrested. He did nothing wrong himself but the guilt was still enough to push him over the edge. The effect these two people had on the hundreds of individuals who were connected to the people they hurt is really unfathomable.

I have a friend who works with some of the worst incarcerated pedophiles in the state and the things she has heard from their mouths are the stuff of nightmares. The worst she told me is simply how some of them told her they need to stay locked up, that they would re-offend the moment they had a chance to. Monsters are real.

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