Lucid Dreams and 3rd person dreaming???

I had a lucid dream in third person before. It happened on a Tuesday or Wednesday. I remember this because the past weekend on Saturday I was drinking and doing lines of coke and Xanax. That night I knocked out and woke up fine. But the following nights were scary as hell. I was afraid to go to sleep because of these scary ass nightmares that felt real. When I would does off, I would be locked in a night terror trying to wake up but can't on command. And so I was up for three days straight. The dream I had in 3rd person was of me lying in bed. I was like hovering over my body watching me tossing and turning trying to wake up because of the lucid nightmare. But I was able to feel what my sleeping body was feeling. Weird music was playing through my Bluetooth speaker and at the same time I felt like I was being abducted by aliens. Beams of light were coming through the ceiling and walls, just flashing. I felt like my brain was also being zapped and like I was being strangled because I was fighting to breath. I had to be hospitalized because I started seeing and hearing things for being up for 3 straight days, due to me being afraid to sleep. Last time I had lucid night terrors was last week Monday, and I was sober then. Lucid nightmares are no joke. You get locked into them and fight to get out because it feels like pure evil terror.

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