Lukaku Agent: “We will see what happens in the summer"

Some more examples of his horseshit:

Revealing that Hamsik was stupid to stay in Napoli, despite being happy

A great sportsman needs to find new motivation, whether you are Messi, Ibrahimovic or Hamsik. Otherwise you’re a flat player.

He said "Cruijff and Guardiola need to shut up and go play cards together in a mental hospital," source

[Pogba] is the most expensive player in the world right now

which is strange, because he then says:

[Ricardo Kishna of Ajax] is on the same level as Pogba, he scores goals, he is talented and complete. Source

There are so, so many things with Zlatan, his golden boy- but a recent one is:

Zlatan can play until he is 43

He also threatened to sue Juve over not selling Zlatan

Announced 'Felipe Anderson 'will leave Lazio'

Mkhitaryan wants to leave Borussia Dortmund, says Raiola

He also likes fabricating bids:

“We are currently discussing for a possible extension [for Van der Wiel]. But we have not yet found an agreement. I hope that it will come, because there are a lot of interested clubs in England, Spain, Italy and Germany. I hope that we will get there but we do not yet have an agreement.”

TL;DR - Heh.

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