I’m looking to get a new pc for gaming and graphic design, is this a good deal?

Doesn't seem too great. For ~$1600 i put this together https://pcpartpicker.com/list/myYJNc

Im not wholly recommending this build (i just quickly grabbed some parts without too much thought), but you can 32GB of ram and 12th gen intel CPU (12600k is better than 11700k) while saving money. Of course you would have to build this PC yourself.

Also, IF you dont need the PC right now and can wait a bit, GPU & CPU prices for current gen may see price drops in the coming months and into Q1 2023 as the next gen components are announced in the coming months.

Im sure somebody on here can probably put together a better planned build for your budget. But yeah, if you are willing to learn to build it yourself you can likely save money and get a better PC.

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