Man who smuggled 'Squid Game' into North Korea sentenced to death

That video was a waste of time to be honest. He showed like 30 seconds of people dancing and going down water slides in NK.

There are literally thousands of other YouTube videos that also show this. Nobody denied that somewhere, there are people dancing and swimming in NK. The difference is, the other videos show what happens when you, a tourist/journalist, step out of the touristy area for a second.

NK is infamous for their highly curated tours that show everyone having so much fun! They even take you to a fully stocked grocery store! But you notice that they shut the lights off behind you as you're walking, and you see that one of the grocery store workers (who knows how to use a 1989 apple computer) is also the garbage worker, the bus driver, and a florist whom you meet later in your tour. The tour guide seems to quickly rush you away from the starving street children and confiscates your memory card if you take any photos they don't approve of. You also realize your hotel floor is the only floor with any lights on, and that the rest are pitch black.

The west has many problems, of course. And I'm not saying NK has never been used for politics, or that it's the most dangerous country on Earth. But to pretend that those thousands of hours of documentaries and homemade tourist footage are fake? That's way less believable.

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