Child marriage ban bill defeated in West Virginia House

Is 16 really too young to make that decision? Probably, but there are times when it’s genuine love. My parents were high school sweethearts, dated from age 15 and were married at 27. Been married 35 years now. My brother and his wife started dating around age 16 as well, and got married at 26, and have been married 4 years with two beautiful children. Imo the both did it the right way.

Besides the current WV law is that people can get married at 16 with parental consent. It’s not like this is a pedo situation. What decent parent won’t tell their kid to wait until after high school to get married? What decent parent is going to let their child marry an undesirable? I use the term undesirable to cover everything from full blown to catch a predator type pedos to creepy 20 something’s with a motorcycle.

Another point: Sometimes unexpected pregnancies happen, and the religious folk like to see a marriage when that happens.

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