"Many don't know that Solar, Wind and Geothermal are Free Energy. They are free energy because you don't pay for the fuel."

I think that the real game changing invention here would be the "electrolyser" black box that magically cracks water into H2 and O2 with only 4hp of power input.

Key word: 'think'. Just because you can 'think' it, doesn't make it possible.

A quick googling shows that new electrolysis apparatus currently being researched is only ~80% efficient at 47 kWh/kgH2.

And yet you fail to provide the link. Convenient. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. 80% sounds like complete bullshit to me.

(frankly this is amazing already if true)

Key word: 'if'. It would also be amazing if I had a magic unicorn in my pocket that shit cocaine.

If we scrap his rocket engine and just go with a conventional hydrogen engine, a highly efficient engine of that type seems to be about ~50% efficient.

Complete fucking BULLSHIT! I can tell you and everyone else here that you haven't a single credible citation for that claim of a 50% efficient engine. It doesn't exist, and you know it.

It's become apparent that you're another grossly ignorant free energy nutter going on about all this 'great technology' that only you are privy to. Seriously, you have nothing to contribute here but lies and misinformation.

Then we consider that the best generators available offer about 60% efficiency.

More proof you're completely full of shit, and too fucking stupid to fact check the most simple of statements before spouting worthless crap.

"*The rotary electrical generator is very efficient by comparison.The conversion efficiency of a large machine can be as high as 98% or 99%."

So, if we start with a compressed tank of 100kg of hydrogen.

Another sign you're an ignoramus, or attempting to mislead the less informed. Gasses (and liquids) are generally measured in VOLUME, not weight. Hydrogen, not only has the lowest energy density of any fuel or energy carrier, it's also the lightest of every element in the universe. 100kg of hydrogen would be an enormous volume. According to Wolfram Alpha, that's 1.11 MILLION liters! To contain that much gas would require a sphere 42 feet in diameter.

Based on some standard table of fuel energy density

Which again you don't bother to cite.

which says hydrogen has ~33.3kwH/kg of energy when combusted,

How much hydrogen has ~33.3kwH ? One liter? On hundred liters? On million liters? Leaving the volume off makes the rest of your example meaningless.

this gives us 3.33 MWH of energy.


33.3kwH = 3.33MWH???

This is easily the most dazzling fail of bullshit 'free energy' thinking I've ever seen. It's also the very reason you free energy nutters will NEVER get anywhere. You can't math, and you don't fact check.

Our engine produces only 1.665 MWH of mechanical energy from this since it has ~50% efficiency.

Fuck you lying scum bag. You're one of the reasons people are reluctant to invest in alternative energy sources, because you're constantly giving it all a black eye by scamming people.

The generator then generates ~999kWH of energy in the form of electricity.

You're fucking deluded if you think YOU have a device that produces anywhere close to a megawatt or power. A machine that large would be the size of a house.

Feeding this into our ground breaking electrolyser which generates 1 kg of H2 per 47KWh of electricity, gives us 21 KG of hydrogen.

I hope it leaks and blows you up.

Thus, this setup requires us to burn 100 KG of hydrogen to create 21 KG of hydrogen,

WTF!?!? are you fucking kidding me? So you're just wasting energy converting back and forth for NO benefit? You are definitely part of the problem.

not even including the compressors in his diagram that pressurize the O2 and H2. This gives us a highly optimistic efficiency of 21% (100% being unity).

What a lying scumbag.

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