"many of those "Irish" that now live in Ireland are actually English with no Irish heritage at all, so many American Irish are actually closer to the true Irish than Irish themselves."

I do realize Brazil was a terrible example Well that's where our opinions on the matter differ. I'd say that person has a Brazilian citizenship, but is Russian. So legally/politically he is Brazilian, he has all the documents to go with it he speaks the language and all that but he is physiologically Russian. Hell I can usually tell the difference between nationals of different slavic countries just based on how their face looks like.

Again America is different, it is a melting pot there's no "gene" that will tell you that you're an American so your identity is purely based on those legal things. It doesn't seem to be like that in my country.

Hell my commie dad refuses to acknowledge that I will be seen as anything but a foreigner if I move to any non slavic country, and that people will never accept me or my offsprings ever.

And in part that's true, if I move to China, speak fluent Chinese, get the citizenship and everything, every Chinese person that sees me will think "foreigner" and every Chinese person will try to rip me off and no Chinese person will ever call me "Chinese" even if I was second generation and lived there my entire life as long as they could tell my heritage is non-Chinese they would call me a foreigner. There's no way around it. You either have the genes or you're a foreigner in Asia. I can't speak of Africa but I assume it's the same there (except some international hubs I would assume.)

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