[Marca] Chelsea have renewed the contract of N'Golo Kante [ until 2023 ] , The french midfielder will be earning 325,000 euros per week, which is more than Eden Hazard [200,000 euros] and Willian [100,000 euros ] weekly wage combined .

Doesn't see the pass or shoot very well.

Huh? He has a deadly final ball, good finesse shot, good power shot. Are people commenting here without watching the footballer play? Watch his goal(s) vs. Man United if you doubt his edge of the box shot.

Also, lol @ you saying Jorginho doesn't create more because he is 'satisfied padding his passing stats'. lol. Probably the most ridiculous thing I've seen on /r/soccer.

To answer OP's question: yes, Hazard is even more effective playing under Sarri. He had a very good streak scoring/assisting before getting injured. This season Hazard is the best he has ever been. He stepped onto the next level during the world cup, and Sarri is the perfect coach for him to continue this form.

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