Match Thread: England vs United States | FIFA Women's World Cup

You’re so stupid it’s phenomenal. Not only does the commentator describe it as a tough call, but the VAR leaves it up to the referee. The 5 minute VAR check conducted by a separate official that you’re munching your box with proves inconclusive.

I’ve also conceded the knee touch. Did you even read my comment?

Now that you’ve seen with your own eyeballs how unquestionable fouls in the box do not get called, I am left wondering what it is that you expect a defender to do with their knees when they are simply running behind a player. There was no trip, and all you have is the “insinuation” of a push, which of course, you can’t even come close to proving, because White doesn’t even fall forward.

So your argument basically boils down to Reddit downvotes in a highly partisan thread. I have to say, whatever assuredness you walked into this conversation with, you’ve walked away from it looking like a dumb cunt.

I’ve worked your ass so thoroughly in this thread it’s not even funny. Maybe I’m in one of those situations where you need to up your meds, and I don’t have time for that, so you’re blocked for good measure. Best of luck to you.

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