Met Dame last night!

I was the total opposite. In middle school and high school, I didn't wear anything from my school, with the small exception of when I was on the basketball team in middle school, but I never wore stuff unless it was mandatory. I hated that I didn't have a choice in where I went to school. I thought about it every day, and it always made me mad. Never repping the school was my little personal rebellion. In fact, when I was senior people went around and wrote (school name) Senior on the back window of people's cars with that stuff that just washes off easily. I went home at lunch one I noticed it so I could wash it off. Didn't return that day because I was afraid they might do it again. I'm not sure why that stuff bothered me so much, but it did.

Actually, when I was little, I didn't like the Blazers simply because people expected me to like them since I lived close. I wanted it to be my choice. I mean, I kinda liked them bc I had fun at the couple games I went to, but I always told people the Magic were my favorite because Florida was farthest away, and I had no obvious connection. Also, it didn't hurt that they had Penny. I became a Blazers fan for real in 2005. There weren't many expectations that I was a fan then. I'd watched that Sebastian Telfair doc, and thought it was pretty fun. I hadn't been watching sports for 4 years or so at that point, but I decided to see if he was as fun as he looked in the doc. He wasn't, but I really had fun watching games and I started liking some of the players. Never looked back. I get what you're saying now about it feeling like you're part of something. Feels good. Love repping the Blazers.

In college, I had plans of getting stuff, since I was able to choose where I went. They had some pretty sweet hoodies. Lots of people buy stuff when they take a tour or do an orientation. I didn't do any of that since I was across the country. The first time I was there was when I moved in. Before I was able to buy anything, I started getting irritated at various things (shocking, I know). Like you go in knowing it's going to be expensive, but then they want to nickel and dime you on shit too. The mandatory meal plan probably made me the most furious. Really made me not want to give them extra money, so I wound up never buying anything. My mom, dad, and brother actually all have stuff from my college that they wear though, which is kinda funny to me.

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