I agree with both. I really thought whiteside had the chance to change, but damn it is looking like the blazers made the wrong choice picking Whiteside up.

Pick n roll offense is just not his game. He works better as a classic swat/dunk guy when he has a lot more free space. Asking him to facilitate Dame and then roll to the basket just exposes his weaknesses. He's not nimble like Nurk was and any ball that doesnt go right to him is lost around his knees. I dont why their harassing on him so damn much. He was a decent effort player for like one year. That's it. Hes never been a guy who brings his lunch pail and gets dirty every game. It took Dame fawning over him and coaching him up all summer to just get this production from him. And Whiteside pretty much has that, "Geez guys. I'm just playing my game" mentality. I mean. He is who he is. And honestly, we are lucky to have him at this point.

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