Millennials have it pretty good.

I've worked with a few older people who tell me stories about their youth and to me it's unfathomable that life could be that good. There was so much to do, concerts every week even in the smaller towns. Even if there wasn't a big event going on they'd walk or hitchhike across towns with complete strangers and have a brilliant time. Shops and pubs weren't all chains and lifeless. You could actually get a 9-5 job. Kids were always playing outside. I could go on but this'll get too long.

Compare that with today, where I live anyway. We have nothing to do in my town bar a naff Christmas Market and funfair type thing in the local park, so that's 2 days a year we have something that might actually get you excited. Every single independent shop in my high Street has been turfed out and replaced by a big chain or just left empty. Most companies in a 5 mile radius only seem to offer 15-20 hour contracts now which makes getting a house and having a life very difficult. Worst of all, nobody talks to each other like they used to. Nobody trusts anybody with obviously good reason because the world is just dreadful 80% of the time.

Like yeah, we've got iPads and I can get KFC delivered now but I would much rather have grown up 20 years earlier and had a fun youth and made some actual memories. I guess it depends on what you define as a good quality of life but I do feel sorry for any future kids I might have as the world's bleak enough already now.

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