“Nerdy” hobbies still get mocked, even by “accepting” people

I worked at Panda, and there were other many numeours reasons why I decided to just be quiet and try to do my job but full grown male bullies still decided to make fun. Sadly, you really can't do anything about them, they suck, nothing will really stop them from being assholes. They will get women, if anyone shows any interest in you, they will talk behind your back to these women and they will listen.

I'm 41 and I very rapidly learned that I couldn't talk about video games without these bitches making fun of my hobbies. Thing that I wish I had, a car, my own place, women they had. So I had nothing to say. I couldn't defend myself either because I have really bad self esteem issues. The only people that I could relate to were younger people that played video games, but even there I had to stop since, there are nerdy girls that play video games as well and the young mentality is also to make fun of you if you are a threat. And of course they will all laugh.

It sucks when your workplace is full of people like this. Along with many many other experiences it has just left me a bitter person. I just don't care about them. But when I kept doing my job they tried to get to know me, but at that point the damage was done, I fucking hated them.

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