I don't have to let a little kid win all the damn time

My niece was sent to me to be my ward after her mother and father were killed in an automobile accident. She had real, raw talent as a pianist, and I implored my sister to get her the attention of a skilled piano instructor, but she did not want to pressure her daughter. When the accident happened, one silver lining was that I would be able to correct this, as I am a former concert pianist, retired due to an injury I sustained in the war. When she moved in I set a structured environment where I would tutor her in math, reading and the arts, followed by 6 hours of intensive rehearsals. Because she had come from a lax home environment, her attention at time would flag. I would regather her attention by loudly, and violently striking the top of the piano with my cane. She would become emotional, sometimes hysterical, but I kept on her and taught her in the best way I knew how. Today, she is an accomplished pianist who is well known in her trade, but she refuses to speak to me. I don’t care. I didn’t let her slack, and I forced greatness upon her. One day she will be grateful.

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