143 words Running a red light is not treated nearly as seriously as it should be. 140 words Starting a lecture with a land claim acknowledgement... 134 words Humans are a disease. 208 words I don't have to let a little kid win all the damn time 286 words Art should definitely be a part of STEM; in fact cut Engineering out 148 words There is no need to have a seperate pro teams for different genders in eSports 128 words Reasons why i dont or barely tip delivery drivers when ordering through apps 166 words Adults who plan their own birthday parties and get emotional when things don’t go as planned are too much. 161 words I very highly dislike Twitch and the culture surrounding it 203 words Religion Mega Thread 113 words Gen Z has more Karen’s than any other generation. 243 words “Nerdy” hobbies still get mocked, even by “accepting” people 112 words Relationships are supposed to be easy 219 words Climbing the corporate ladder is useless (at least for me) 241 words People need to date in their age range. 116 words Men need to be celebrated more 171 words putting grocery carts back is doing unpaid labor for a corporation that would otherwise put the carts away themselves. you aren't lowering costs or helping each other, you're enabling corporations and raising ceo pay 166 words Cats are objectively better pets than dogs. 152 words Linux is the superior OS 639 words Society treats addicts like they're the victims when the real victims that we should be feeling bad for are the family members.