140 words I hate Son Heung-min 147 words No sex before marriage is underrated 107 words Athletes are making millions of dollars by hurling a ball around a stadium. Meanwhile, healthcare workers are saving people's lives and are barely scraping by. 176 words Circumcision is genital mutilation 155 words If you move to a country that doesn't speak your native language and you make zero effort to learn the language then it is disrespectful towards the natives in that country. 179 words I hate the writing in most Hollywood films these days 1,140 words Women sexualize themselves then blame men for sexualizing women 127 words Michael Bloomberg is not “buying the election.” 159 words Everything these days is related to your race and I hate it. 156 words People who are polyamorous or in open relationships just can't commit to one person & don't want to admit that 181 words Colour and race specific emojis are perfectly fine and help people feel more included 373 words LGBTQ Megathread 199 words Wanting illegal immigrants to be punished for breaking the law isn't wrong. 512 words The idea of not 'snitching' is stupid and is what keeps communities stuck in a cycle of crime 391 words Saying that trans women are not ‘women’ or ‘real women’ is not transphobic or anti-trans. 141 words Most “Mansplaining”is advice. Your so fucking fragile the thought of a man giving unsolicited advice has you running to the hills screaming mysoginy. 168 words Fat shaming is a good thing 216 words If you’re a stay-at-home wife or husband you should absolutely be expected to do the majority of the house chores 286 words America is nowhere near as bad as Reddit thinks it is. 124 words Aborting children conceived in rape is wrong