415 words Transferring responsibility for the climate from governments and companies onto individual citizens is foolish. 154 words If you hand your 1-5 year old an iPad or a phone, you're a terrible parent. 129 words Parents who leave their kids in hot cars should be sterilized immediately and their right to adopt should be stripped 239 words The majority of modern rap/pop is trash 127 words People that sexually starve their partners shouldn't be surprised when they cheat. 130 words Graffiti tagging is a form of psychological abuse. 277 words I’m sick of people (mostly Europeans) getting offended when I say that I’m American instead of saying that I’m from the USA. 123 words Most Redditors aren't pro-science 226 words Visa overstays of 5 years or more should be accepted and entered as American citizens 268 words The glorification of weed on this site is extremely irritating 113 words Celebrities racist past/tweets should never be dismissed. Someone makes racist comment, it’s just a stupid phase. Not one thought about the young people of color whose lives where negatively impacted by their racism. 153 words PhD in STEM > MD 115 words People should not have sex unless they get married 198 words Sweden treated A$AP ROCKY how they would have any normal person and Americans are mad because they're not used to Rich people getting punished for their absurd actions 230 words 15 dollar minimum wage is bullshit 153 words Men and women are not the same, gender roles are based on biological hardwiring 119 words Women who wonder why they can't find the right man even though they're successful in their careers are like men who send unsolicited dick pics 141 words I am glad that Chic-fil-A is closed on Sundays. In this corporate ran dystopia that we live in, at least some people get a day off. 134 words Manspreading is anoying and should be taken more seriously 133 words Our entire concept of aliens crashing down on Earth and somehow getting captured by humans is absolutely ridiculous, if an alien were to actually have the ability to travel and did indeed have superior intelligence