Adults who plan their own birthday parties and get emotional when things don’t go as planned are too much.

Dog water opinion, respectfully. The dopest party I’ve ever been to was my moms 40th birthday party. It was lit! I was only 7 at the time but we had matching outfits and everything (before mfs get mad, we’re Nigerian so it’s cultural). We got driven down in a limo. My dad crafted the menu and taught the cooks how to make African food. It started with a church service and then we took a limo to the venue and there were mad people there from all over the country. There were even DVDs filming the events lmao. Nigerians tend to go above and beyond so a lot of this is definitely way out of people’s interests but the point still stands. If you’re fun and people love you, people will come to your birthday party and because your fun, your birthday party will be fun as well. You’re never too old to party! Even if it is for a birthday :)

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