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I think Atheists and Christians are both equally annoying

Ok I want to start this off by making it know that I say this with full respect to any religion or lack of religion that you follow and I will fight for your right to follow or not follow religion wether or not I’m a part of it.

I’m pagan and I post my stuff online and I of course get some comments saying things like “you’re going to hell” or “you are worshipping the devil” from a lot of toxic Christians. But I get the same amount of comments from Atheists saying stuff like “you’re in a cult” or “you’re religion is fake” and both are annoying. But I don’t see people saying how toxic the toxic Atheists can be.

I also understand that Christianity opened up the door for a lot of people to use that religion to hurt others and I understand that. But that also doesn’t mean to be rude to random people following any religion. I just find it annoying and as long as no one is pushing their beliefs on you you shouldn’t be pushing your beliefs on them.

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