[misc] haven't been attacked in over three weeks?

So i've eaten about 200 downvotes in this thread for stating that inactive bases get removed after a certain period of time. I estimated it was around two to three weeks based off some of the threads i've seen here over the last year.

I decided to scavenge threads here to find the many times I had seen this phenomenon mentioned. I believe this is what happened to OP. I wanted to provide a single place for all the things I had found because I had multiple comment threads going from many people telling me I was full of shit. So here is what I have found:

First off, screenshots showing off this phenomenon. Large periods of time without being attacked. They were found in this thread, and most people posting provide context.







Here are text responses i've found about this phenomenon:

First from Reddit Raptors Leader





It is 100% true that the algorithm CoC is using to match players is causing inactive bases to go weeks without being attacked. Probably to make people buy more gems.

I made no attempt in any of my posts to comment on whether or not bringing more loot into the game was a good or bad thing. I was just stating a reoccurring theme. The 200 down votes I received compelled me to relieve many of you of your ignorance on the subject.

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