Monthly Discussion and Support Thread - November 2020

Hopefully I can get something here. So I've had to reset my password twice now due to google not accepting my newly created passwords past the point where I create them. Just today I recovered my account, new password, had it in my password manager ready to go so I could insure it was correct, but the moment I go to login and enter the exact password I changed it to, it says wrong password... Ok... strange. For kicks and giggles I try what I thought was my old password... and google gives me the response that my password was changed less than an hour ago, meaning the password I typed was correct, but it wasn't as I couldn't sign in with it. At this point I'm at a total loss as Google just seems to be getting rid of my new password as soon as I make it. I'm going to try resetting again but I don't see it working.

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