So much FUD and worried so i asked myself...

Just before the big crash of 2017 I had 5.5 BTC. I didn’t need the money, but I read a LOT of the tech analysis and bought into FUD that was spread on r/bitcoinmarkets. I forget what it was, but it had convinced me the fundamentals were not as sound as I believed, and if I didn’t want to be a bag holder get out now while I could get at least some profit.

I sold all my BTC for just under $3k, well over what I bought them for.

Don’t be 2017 me. There are a ton of people online spreading FUD and trying to manipulate the price and separate you from your coins. Don’t fall for it.

Today I can sit back and laugh at these dips - they no longer phase me and I’m firm in my beliefs. But if FUD and wild price swings make you emotional, just take a break and ignore it. Or sell your coins and regret it in a few years.

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