MUI Goku (Dragon Ball Super) Vs Seiya (Saint Seiya)

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DBZ characters generally have much stronger / more obvious feats on actual scans / in canon-relevant anime, e.g. Goku at an even much weaker version really DID shake the universe,

while Saint Seiya powerscaling is mostly based on (probably hyperbolic) statements . They often have statements like : this and that attack must be "imagined to be" as strong as e.g. a Galaxian Explosion , or it must be "imagined to be" as strong as a Big Bang (Athena's Exclamation) -- but without actually accomplishing those sort of attack power feats in reality, not even close. Those same attacks in Saint Seiya which were stated to be supposedly en par with the power of a Big Bang, in reality they could really only cause some damage to a garden behind Shaka's temple, maybe it was the size of cityblock at most.

I think MUI Goku wins this, I'm more easily convinced by feats than by (hyperbolic) statements.

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