Why I believe Tesla is Overvalued - 7/20/2021

What do you think about the sandy munro videos where he compares the ford engineering to the tesla?

Munro said that tesla is leading the charge, then comes ford after some time and then comes the rest. You can see the difference in weight when you look at the heat system. It's pretty interesting.

Tesla is also the only one building a gigapress (lego manufacturing principle) and training a neuronal network for fsd that works with 6 low resolution cameras instead of unscalable and expensive lidar tech.

I understand that those concepts are hard to grasp when you are not into engineering or informatics. I would advice you to listen to engineers and not analysts that are in the lower 50% of TipRanks.

Dcf is not a perfect model aswell. There is a great chance that tesla will become the biggest company in the world with a greater cashflow that apple and it's getting more likely every quater.

The market is more efficient that ever since the internet (minus gme and bitcorn). There is a reason why the stock is priced high. You are not smarter than the market. Tesla might do the same to transportation and energy that apple has done to mobile phones. If you miss the swing, no problem. But I am quite sure that a 2000 born Buffett would be balls deep in tesla stock. Value is not about a low p/e.

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