My boyfriend gives me the best orgasms and the most intense emotional connection I have ever felt... but he hasn't penetrated me yet.

Hey there. This is about you and your question and you seeking advice, but I am hoping to give you a little insight into my life and maybe it will help.

I lost my virginity about nine years ago. In the eight years before this one I had only ever had three orgasms from partners. It's weird as a guy not being able to have an orgasm from sex, head or handjobs.

My first experience was when I was very anxious in my life and I wasn't able to enjoy it. When I finally lost my virginity I was so nervous I ended up taking. That relationship didn't end up lasting and from then on I was honest with my partners.

Orgasming was something that I tried to do for each of the seven partners I had after I first had sex. It wasn't happening and while they weren't mean, judgement am or anything, I never really felt the pressure to cum go away.

Last year I met my current girlfriend. She put the focus on her fun and that she loves giving me head. She always was understanding, but she also never made a game out of it or tried to keep me going if I felt I wasn't going to cum.

The previous orgasms I had always felt like just a fluke. When I met my current girlfriend and she made me cum, I was a bit apprehensive but I also stayed in the frame of mind that what she was doing she enjoyed - regardless of my outcome. She was so patient and understanding that eventually it go to the point where if she gave me head there would be an out come

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