My ex-spouse works at Blizzard (I was still married to him during ~3 years of his time there). This was where the first company party I attended was held (2015). Remembered feeling like it was kinda gross at the time. Spent most of the party in the areas not covered with golden naked female torsos.

A company party probably shouldn't be held at a venue that is branded as celebrating the sexiness of the human body, regardless of what genders are involved. If it was filled ONLY with naked men, it would still make me uncomfortable as a venue for a company-sponsored event.

Regardless of the location, this was an official company event, so it was a company approved and chosen location. They provided transportation for employees to get to Vegas and to this event specifically. They had other events after this (and probably before) at places that were perfectly fine (including other venues in Vegas). Most of the events and experiences I had with the company were great. This particular one made me a little uncomfortable because it was a highly sexualized place and that seems like not a great place to hold a work celebration - unless you don't care about making people uncomfortable (or can't even see how it might), which is my whole point. The accusations are complaining about an entire culture where women felt objectified, sexualized, and were subsequently harmed by that culture. This is part of what that culture looks like. It's admittedly one of the less directly harmful aspects, but it is still a part of it.

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