My first set of short stories titled "Ruins" is now FREE until March 27th in the Amazon Kindle Store!

Hey Everyone!

I just finished and released my first set of short stories set in the Origo series called "Ruins". In celebration I am making "Ruins" FREE on the Amazon Kindle store for a limited time. It consists of two short stories that answer some questions pertaining to what is going on Earth while Lieutenant Snow and his squad struggle to survive on Origo. If you search for the book on Amazon, the easiest way to find it is to type in "Ruins Tucker French". It is a continuation of sorts to "Haven" and "Ghost". For those of you who did not read "Haven" or "Ghost" , the premise of the first book was that Earth was unable to support itself and was slowly dying. Pollution and overpopulation has run rampant for decades and have caused irreparable damage to the planet. The first book focused on a select group of humans, who take it upon themselves to venture into space and look for a new home for the Human race. The second book follows the same group of humans on Origo as they search for the aliens they encountered in the first book. They are presented with many surprises and make a great deal of tough choices on the way, before those who are left return home to Earth.

"Ruins" picks up where "Haven" and "Ghost" left off in a sense. While Lieutenant Nicholas Snow and his squad are on Origo, there are many things happening on Earth. The first story follows the family of David and Jennifer Parker as they watch the launch of the eight NRSF ships destined to save mankind, which occurred at the start of "Haven". The second story follows Desya, a girl born into wealth, who attends a riot held outside the New Republic's proxy headquarters in Berlin. She is there to document the emotion in the crowd after the truth came out about the NRE's plan for the original missions. I hope those of you who do download "Ruins" enjoy the two supplemental stories as much as I did when I was writing them.

One thing that I do ask is that you please leave an honest review of the book on the Amazon page when you finish reading it. I would be extremely grateful! Even if you don't have time to read the stories now, I still encourage you to download it and save it for later! Thank you all, and I hope you enjoy the book!

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