my little Jabba the Chonk

Skirting again.

Tell me "Overfeeding cats to morbid obesity is not animal abuse".

Thus far you've;

  • Failed to make a single logical argument to support your opinion that overfeeding cats to morbid obesity is not animal abuse.

  • Personally attacked me, making blind assumptions about my age and employment, insinuating that i'm some kind of lowlife, therefor what I say is invalid. Every single message of yours is just empty shit filled with ad hominem. You ARE wasting your time, because you're not even saying anything, you're just a screaming toddler.

  • Acted like some internet tough guy, "your accounts only a day old so I'll give you a pass for now" HA HA HA HA HA HA THANKS FOR THE PASS TOUGH GUY /r/cringe /r/iamverybadass

  • Continually stated that you don't have time for this, yet continually replied. Stop replying? You're just making an idiot out of yourself.

Caring about animal abuse is not 'having a fit', it's being a decent human being.

Do some research into morbid obesity of pets, and you'll find that everyone unanimously agrees that it's abuse/cruelty.

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